The Creator’s Signature

Introductory video explaining new physical evidence for the existence of God.

Mathematical Miracle of the Quran

For the first time in history we have a scripture with built-in proof of divine authorship — a superhuman mathematical composition.

King of Chaos

The secret of perfect health, wealth, and happiness according to the Quran. Also explains the reason for misery, accidents, and problems in the world and in our lives.

Witness a Miracle

The first hint of a mathematically coded scripture appears a thousand years ago. A rabbi observed a numerical harmony in the text of the Torah. Subsequently evidence has been found that shows the Quran is mathematically coded using the number 19. Nineteen signifies, “One God”.

The Great Debate

Dr. Rashad Khalifa Vs. Dr. Abdel Rahman Salem. Topics include completeness of the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah, origin of Submission (Islam), and the corruption of religion.

World News Bulletin

Invitation to the world’s religious leaders and their followers to join God’s kingdom in the new era of religious unification.

Essentials of Submission

Essentials of Submission (original Islam) describes the Religious Practices in Submission (Islam). And details the step-by-step tutorial for each practice as decreed through prophet Abraham.

Principles of the Contact Prayers

Details the principles of the Contact Prayer (Salat) including the meaning, history, and relevance of the most important form of worship in Submission (Islam). Also contains a step-by-step tutorial for each prayer.

Principles of the Friday Prayer

An introduction to the Friday Prayer, as well as two separate Friday Prayers demonstrated by Dr. Rashad Khalifa.

Friday Sermon, God is doing everything Part 1
Friday Sermon, God is doing everything Part 2

Talks about the most important criteria for believing in God.

Evolution or Creation: The Final Argument
Old Message, New Messenger

Explains and details the Quranic Prophecy regarding the Messenger of the Covenant (Quran 3:81). The Messenger of the Covenant is also prophesied in the Bible’s Malachi 3:1-21, Luke 17:22-36 & Matthew 24:27.