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February 1985
“To save the Muslim Ummah, we must return to Obeying the Prophet”

“The Muslim Prisoner: Blessing in Disguise?”

March 1985
“The computer exposes a historical crime – tampering with the word of God – two false verses unveiled in Quran”

“An invitation to all Muslims to examine the evidence before removing the falsehood”

April 1985
“Has God forsaken the Arabs?”

“More evidence confirms the falsehood of the last two verses of Sura 9”

May 1985
“Fahd: the last Saudi king”
“A profound miracle: divine manipulation of the computer produces correct results, regardless of human errors.”
“An invitation to all Muslims: obey God and the prophet”
June 1985
“After 4 years of silence, world stands up and takes notice – mathematical miracle of Quran recognized”

“Additional evidence for a historical crime against Quran – last two verses of Sura 9 are false injections”

July 1985
“Christian missionaries in Africa and Asia attack Quran and the prophet”
“Mathematical miracle of Quran stumps the missionaries”
“The key to Quran”
August 1985
“An awesome discovery: mathematical code of Quran found in previous scripture”
“Divine miracle began thousands of years before revelation of Quran”
September 1985
“Announcing the establishment of the richest and most powerful nation on earth: United Islamic Nation”
October 1985
“Imam Zaman, the promised savior, is here now.”
November 1985
“Who is Imam Zaman?”
December 1985
“Guaranteed: 50 million Muslims in America – millions more around world”
“What will happen to Saudi Arabia? What will happen to Iran?”
January 1986
“United Islamic Nation Development – first government falls in bloody coup”
“False teachings: Hadith and Sunna blaspheme against the prophet”
February 1986
“Iran and Iraq squander Muslim peoples’ money – give it away to Jews and Christians (the manufacturers of weapons) in order to kill each other”
March 1986
“Satan: the master hypnotist”
April 1986
“Muhammad wrote God’s revelations with his own hand”
“Satan: the master hypnotist (continued)”
May 1986
“Salat: Contact Prayer”
“Muslim Ulama challenge God – produce something equal to Quran”

June 1986
“A historical crime unveiled – the prophet’s wife, Aisha, was never accused of adultery – the accusation itself never took place”
“One more Quranic sign towards the end of the world fulfilled.”

July 1986
“Quran does not report the number of units in any Contact Prayer (Salat) Why?”
“What price Muslim unity?”
“First International Conference of the United Islamic Nation – Final Program”
“Correction: the five daily Contact Prayers (Salat) mentioned specifically in Quran”

August 1986
“Why Muslims must now turn away from Hadith”

September 1986
“On the last two verses of Sura 9”
“The advent of a new era”
A law does not exist unless it is violated”

October 1986
“The number one enemy of God’s miracle: Ismail Farooqi: to Heaven or Hell”

November 1986
“Arabs dismissed from God’s grace, incurring the ultimate curse – Sura Muhammad, Verse 38 (19*2)”
“Door of repentance closed on Arabs”

December 1986
“Announcing a historical first: participate in authoring the Quran’s new official, God-authorized, English Version”
“The best way ever to study Quran”

January 1987
“Kassim Ahmad: a great Mujahid whose victory is guaranteed by God”
“Confessions of Ariffin Suhaimi – Muslim Ulama declare their idolatry”

February 1987
“The majority of believers are heading for Hell: Satan believes in God”

March 1987
“How to distinguish? God-inspired translations vs Satan-inspired translations”

April 1987
“The new translation – tell me how you like it”
“Their favorite question – Muslim Hadithists challenge God”

May 1987
“The restoration of an important Islamic truth – Imam Ali and Imam Hussein did not fight for power – they were martyred trying to protect Quran”
“They do not understand Shirk”

June 1987
“Shaikh Metwally El-Sha’rawy – leading millions of Muslims to Hell”
“Indisputable Quranic evidence points out the right course for all Muslims”
“The correct Shahadah”
“The woman’s hair – up to their eyebrows in idolatry but worried about the woman’s hair”

July 1987
“Perfect preservation of Quran”
“New stamp of Egypt proclaims the message of Quran”

August 1987
“The miracle of Muhammad vs the miracles of Moses and Jesus”
“Wasting their money and effort – Muslim pilgrims by the thousands nullify their pilgrimage”
“Earth on a whale”

September 1987
“Sayyidah Ahmad discovers new parameter in the mathematical miracle of Quran”
“Our own publishing company in the Arab world”
“Universal unity”

October 1987
“How Quran can be the guiding light for mankind”
“Good news about the Salat Contact Prayers”
“True Islam (Quran alone) spreading among Britatin’s one million Muslims”

November 1987
“Miracle of Quran intensifies – strengthens the believers – confirms the hard-core disbelievers”
“On the last two verses of Sura 9”

December 1987
“Saudi plot backfires: Egypt’s journalists rise up to defend Dr. Ahmad Subhy Mansour”
“Suzanne Ramadan discovers new miracle of Quran features”
“Prophecy fulfilled – 3 governments fell – who are the next 3?”

January 1988
“Making “Salawaat” on the prophet is idol-worship (Shirk)”
“For the first time: Muhammadan leader (Abu Ameenah Phillips) recognizes mathematical miracle of Quran”
“Muhammad Yusuf (New Zealand) refutes lies of Muhammadan leaders (Muzzammil Siddiqui and Othman Gaafar)”

February 1988
“Al-Azhar disbelieves in Quran”
“Brilliant Islamic writer Karima Omar joins the cause”
“Quran: back to basics”

March 1988
“Al-Azhar disbelieves in Quran”
“The inevitable consequences – Al-Azhar leads the Muhammadan world to utter destruction – Egypt dies by 1990”

April 1988
“Brilliant Islamic writer Karima Omar exposes Hadith and Sunna as Satanic – all time favorite abused Hadith”
“Karima Omar on hijab”

May 1988 Bulletin
“God insists”
“Preface – message to the new world”
“The proof – a condensed summary”

May 1988
“Steve Johnson (Pillar of Islamic Society of North America – ISNA) makes the ultimate move”
“National Council of Islamic Affairs discovers the fallacy of Hadith”
“The Hadith debate – rationalism vs irrationalism”
“Meditation on a jugular vein”
“If God insists: a tribute to Rashad Khalifa”

June 1988
“New messenger from God: why!”
“More evidence”
“Mecca Conference recognizes, praises, mathematical miracle of the Quran”

July 1988
“God has decreed: I and my messengers will win.”

August 1988
“Message sent to presidents and kings in Muslim world”
“Retribution imminent for disbelievers”
“Disbelievers in my messengership commit gross blasphemy against God”
“Severity of retribution proportional to the miracle”
“Certificate of proof that Rashad Khalifa is a messenger of God”
“God’s miracle to this generation greater than the miracles of all previous messengers”

September 1988
“Miracle of Quran intensifies – opponents plunge deeper into disbelief”
“Muslim Digest provides evidence that Rashad Khalifa is the Apostle of the Covenant”
“Historical event in Mecca: in fulfillment of Quran (3:81) all the prophets believed in me”

October 1988
“They will find out tomorrow who the “Kazzaab” is! (54:25)”
“A prayer of thanks to God”
“Deedat: a proven Kazzaab”
“New awesome discoveries – living miracle of Quran continues to grow”
“God’s blessings shower International Conference of UIN”

“Fair warning to disbelievers”

“Most important test of your life – so you claim that you believe the Quran! – test yourself before it is too late”

November 1988
“Miracle of Quran explodes – soon overwhelms the world”
“Hot off the computer – new fantastic discoveries”
“One final nail in the coffin of the false injections 9:128-129”

December 1988
“God’s blessings continue to flow: miracle of Quran explodes – soon overwhelms the world”
“More miracles discovered”
“The Quran declares: if you disbelieve in God’s Messenger of the Covenant you are no longer a Muslim”
“At the Annual Meeting of Orientalists: Mohammedans fight God’s miracle”

January 1989
“I.S.N.A. (Mohamedan Society of North America) cancels the first pillar of Islam”
“Tariq Quraishi of ISNA insults God and Muhammad”
“Flagrant abuse of the Quran by ISNA”
“A historical crime unveiled – tampering with the word of God”

February 1989
“Open challenge to the disbelievers: give me one good reason”
“Islamic justice does not cut off the hand of the thief”
“Tear down the prophet’s tomb”
“Idol-worship by Mohamedans exceeds all limits”

March 1989
“Good news to all Muslims – God sends new overwhelming miracle – guaranteed to convert the whole world”
“New revelation – how many years from revelation of the Quran to revelation of the Quran’s miracle”
“The Dawn Prayer: your indicator”

April 1989
“The Salman Rushdie episode: angry Muslim masses will turn against their leaders for hiding miracle of Quran 
God will force the leaders to proclaim His great mathematical miracle”
“Khurram Murad, not Salman Rushdie blasphemes God and Muhammad”
“God describes Quran as “Karim”, “Azeem”, “Majid” – Khurram describes Quran as: “Empty words”!!!”
“Fake Muslims happy with Murad since he blasphemes God, while praising Muhammad against his will”
“Another gross blasphemy: “Kill all Christians and Jews”!! (Shaikh Muhammad Ass-Saleh al Uthman, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)”
“New overwhelming miracles”

May 1989
“Great news to all Muslims – complete miracle of the Quran now available in Appendix One of the new Quran translation”
“Anyone who reads this Appendix will become a Muslim guaranteed.”
“World-wide recognition of God’s Messenger of the Covenant must come at the right time”
“Vicious attack against Ahl-Al-Bait refuted by God’s truth”

June 1989
“Open letter to disbelievers: are you missing the boat?”
“God’s Messenger of the Covenant: why?”
“Elite of the elite (56:10) a most fortunate generation”

July 1989
“New era in human history – divine call to all believers in God – the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, Sikhs, etc.”
“Purify, unify, consolidate your religions into one.”
“Our name, everywhere in the world, must be one and the same: “United Islamic Nation””
“God’s Messenger of the Covenant: why?”
“Fantastic gift from God demonstrates: Hadith and Sunna: vicious lies against the prophet”
“Lulu Maknun, a contemporary Sahaabah, writes “Forty Hadith of Rashad Khalifa.”
“The prophet Muhammad is dead and cannot defend himself but I am alive and I can defend myself”
“A time to reflect”

August 1989
“Divine intervention to save all believers in God – there is one book that is proven by irrefutable physical evidence to be God’s message to the world”
“Let us all unite and listen to our Creator”
“Supported by overwhelming physical evidence: the pure Quran to reach the vast majority of humans – never again can anyone claim that the Quran is human-made”
“Fulfillment of Quranic prophecy”
“Anyone who truly loves the Quran loves to see it purified”

September 1989
“Why the name change?”
“Results of continued research – history of the false verses 9:128-129”
“Through Gabriel: I was commanded to make this announcement: after I die millions of believers will know”

October 1989
“Arabs and math”
“The human factor”
“Why did Rashad announce his messengership?”

November 1989
“New awesome miracles discovered in the Quran”
“Mohamedans insist upon going to Hell”
“Deceiving themselves: hypocrites proclaim: “we do not need a messenger””
“Divine proclamation through Gabriel: like the time of Noah: only those who stand with God’s messenger will be saved.”

December 1989
“Allah vs “the learned scholars””
“They fight God and His final prophet: God says: “19” proves that the Quran is my message.”
“Muslim scholars say: “coincidence; old tales!!””
“Proof that Hadith and Sunna are Satanic innovations”
“Edip Yuksel’s discovery: profound mathematical phenomenon proves that Sura 1 is the key to establish contact with our Creator during Salat”

January 1990
“Miracle of miracles”
“Mohamedans challenge God”
“Why Al-Faatehah must be recited in Arabic”
“Victory: when?”
“Muslim scholars embrace a trinity”

January 1990 (Bonus)
“New major discovery: Edip Yuksel discovers solid proof that “The Key” must be in Arabic”
“Abdullah Arik’s latest discovery: awesome mathematical miracle confirms the Friday Prayer”
“Soad Khalifa Rayan, Lisa Spray, Ihsan Ramadan, K. Emami, and Saeed Talari discover new proof that Rashad Khalifa is God’s messenger”
“Azhar Khan’s discovery validates the Arabic alphabet and the gematrical values of Arabic letters”
“Sa’eed Talari’s great discovery: confirms the 5 daily prayers, numbers of bowing (Ruku’), prostrations (Sujood), and Tashahhud”
“Old trick by Satan’s agents: “you worship Rashad,” they say!!!”
February 1990
“The righteous do not really die – they go straight to Heaven”
“Deformed, retarded, famine-stricken children”
“We declared war on God now we must repent and atone”
“Mohamedans question God’s wisdom in sending a consolidating messenger”
“How many words in your Adhan?”

March 1990
“Simple, irrefutable, physical, tangible miracle: the word “God” in the Quran – what more do the disbelievers want?”
“Mark my words: here is what will happen to the disbelievers”
“A false messenger is a messenger of Satan”
“The names of Suras divinely decreed”
“What to say in Salat divinely dictated”